Leaving his kingdom and loved ones behind, Siddhartha became a wandering monk. He cut off his hair to show that he had renounced the worldly lifestyle and called himself Gautama. He wore ragged robes and wandered from place to place. In his search for truth, he studied with the wisest teachers of his day. None of them knew how to end suffering, so he continued the search on his own.[x]

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how bout some assorted lins looking to the left

I was trying to think of why she wouldn’t be in the trailer today and like maybe it’s spoiler related??  What if she retires for real and moves to zaofu….. I really hope she doesn’t I want her to be an old ass chief of police in Republic City but there would be some consolation in that the new armor looks rad as hell (I mean her regular armor is great but dammit I love pauldrons also those gloves with the white palms omg).  And different hair cos erryone got different hair

Rest are from random sketch files over the past few weeks.  Dude I can totally see Lin being super well behaved disciplined kid despite Toph not enforcing anything, but the one area she would take advantage is just eating whatever she wanted so chub babby lin 

Also love how different Lin and Su’s earthbending styles are.  Su is like Ty Lee if she was an earthbender and Lin is just like as graceful as someone shotputting a cinderblock.

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when did this


become this



Humans are considered on the top of the food chain...

But there are beings who hunt them as a food source

These monsters who hunt down the dead flesh of humans. They are called


C L O W N.

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Me: I wish Uta had a bigger role in Tokyo Ghoul
Me after chapter 143: No not like that

tokyo ghoul+last words

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