Illustrations done for Eruri event in Korea !

Lineart by Harris
Colouring by Magnolia


If Rin Matsuoka had a blog he would probably track the following tags:

  • accessories
  • haruka nanase
  • mens fashion
  • olympics
  • sakura trees
  • sharks
  • swimming

and on occasion he’d check the rinharu tag to see arts, read fics, headcanons; and end up really flustered and regret it every time.

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occasionally I would think.

about how I’m never going to be like my friends.
i don’t know man.
every single photo they appear in they look stunning.
and their photo will get chains of comments like “prettygurl97” or “chiobu” or “stop spoiling the market la”
i get sad a little, remembering I don’t have any comments like that on my photos.
I get sad when I think about how I look.
but after a while,
I just don’t care anymore.

until it hits me again when I’m scrolling through my feed.

happy birthday nishinoya yuu

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